Home Painting in Orlando - Here's What Makes a Great House Painting Job!


 Home painting services in Orlando aren’t exactly rare. A brief Google search will bring up dozens. So how do you, as a homeowner, sort through all the information and choose the right contractors for your project?


Well, you get information from them. Here are some things that you should expect from house painting contractors if you engage their services:



They carry all appropriate licenses and insurance. In Orlando, as in all of Florida, a contractor’s license is required to work in a home. A painting service would fall under this license. They should also carry insurance for themselves, all of their personnel, and to cover damages to your property. Better Business Bureau accreditation doesn’t hurt, either.


They don’t shortchange you on the paint. Make sure, if you aren’t providing the paint yourself, that you know what brand of paint they’ll use for your home. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, ICI, Porter, and Behr are premium brands. Don’t let a contractor save money on their bid by using substandard paints.


3.They properly prepare your home. And get ready, because this article has subheadings. A great home painting company will:


i.Remove or cover all of your furniture, rather than painting around it.


ii.Drop cloth and tape the entire area to be painted. This includes masking windows, walkways, plants, lights, sconces, fixtures, and the ceiling.


iii.Patch, caulk, and repair walls and trim. This could mean scraping loose paint, stripping, treating rust, filling holes, and more. Caulking should take place before and after priming.


iv.Make sure the area is cleaned and thoroughly prepped for paint before applying the first coat. This could mean treating with a mildewcide during the cleaning process, and other steps to inhibit mold and other dangers.


v.Use a high quality primer to prepare for the topcoat. All-in-one primer/paint combinations are consumer-grade products, and your professionals won’t likely use them. You should expect – or demand – a good primer.  If they are painting a difficult service – brick, stucco, textured interior walls – a bonding primer should absolutely be used.


Any paint contractors who prove unwilling to commit to all of the above are giving you below-average work, and deserve a below-average rating.


4.They enact appropriate safety measures. Before spraying, rolling, or brushing even one drop of paint, contractors should make sure everything – from people to pets to objects – is safely accounted for.


They should also wear masks when spraying, make sure the home is properly ventilated during the home painting, and ensure that all workers are properly attired. If your home painters are standing on desks to paint high walls, they didn’t come prepared.


As with anything, do your homework before you hire a contractor. 


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