5 tips on hiring a house painting service in orlando



Having your house painted can be a real pain, but it’s not half as hard as painting it yourself. Painters in Orlando have their own challenges and styles, to suit the climate and style of Florida. There are plenty of contractors around, but it’s hard to know which to choose. Furthermore, you may have no real idea what you need. House painting best practices can vary, and prices will differ quite a lot as well. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are a few tips for making the right decision.



Do the prep work yourself. Sure, this isn’t a hiring tip, but it will help you save money, so it’s still worth doing. It will also help to ensure that your paint job lasts long and looks great without cracking, peeling, or chipping. Spackle and sand over holes; wash and clean dirty walls, paying extra special attention in the kitchen where grease can be an issue. This way, your paint will stick beautifully when the professionals come in.


Shop around. My mom – and everyone else – will tell you that you should get multiple estimates from different companies. You’ll be better prepared to select the professional who is right for you that way. In Orlando, painters aren’t hard to come by, but you should make sure that they’re experienced and are able to work with your selected style.


Verify their credentials. This is true no matter what kind of contractor you’re hiring. Not every state requires painters to have a license, but for those of you in Orlando, you’re in luck. Florida requires all contractors – painters included – to possess a license. Make sure your painters have got their paperwork in order: license, insurance and all.


Get an in-home estimate. Invite the contractors you’re considering (one at a time, of course) into your home and show them exactly what you’re proposing. Make sure they know the full scope of the work, and use that opportunity to question them.


You should ask a lot of questions such as:


What kind of paint will be used?

How many coats do they plan? 2? 3?

Is their crew in-house or subcontracted?

How will they protect your precious furnishings?



Check your contract. Which reminds me – get a contract! Under the table workers might feel like a deal when the bid is low, but you get what you pay for, and without a contract, you’re completely unprotected. When you do get a contract from your chosen house painting service, look it over for hidden fees or itmes that will have an additional cost. For instance, make certain that the price includes covering or moving furniture. Or determine whether your baseboards and crown molding are included in the estimate.


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